Anne Njemanze stars in soon-to-be released movie, ‘Ireti’

Nollywood . Anne Njemanze On the set of %22Ireti%22

Anne Njemanze will be playing the lead role, starring in the soon-to-be released movie (drama).

Photo above: Anne Njemanze in solitary confinement on Tope Ogun’s set of “Ireti”.

The storyline and plot reveals a depressed and dispirited woman. Her life takes a dramatic turn after she has a bizarre confrontation while in solitary confinement. This is the plot of Tope Ogun’s latest movie titled “Ireti”.

This psychological drama was written, produced and directed by Ogun. This movie genre showcases a gritty urban drama about a depressed middle-aged woman under unbearable stress situations.

Anne Njemanze stars in the leading role in the Nollywood movie which hits the big screens in early 2016.

Nollywood . Anne Njemanze

The Imo state-born Njemanze (photo: above) rose to fame in the 90s after her stint roles in the popular and successful movie “Domitilla” and “Rattle Snake”. She was also one of the stars – playing the role of a police detective in the South African originated soap opera “Tinsel”.



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