MOVIE REVIEW: Latest 2015 Nollywood movie: ‘Secret Room’

The latest 2015 Nollywood drama action movie: ‘Secret Room’ is trending in the Nollywood industry . . .

Secret Room is under review and it’s rising in the Nollywood ratings war.

The Nollywood action drama flick is a must see for movie freaks in Nigeria.

Lilian Esoro has just lost her father who was an ambassador.

She and her husband O C Ukeje decides to visit one of ambassador’s long abandoned properties after his death.

On their way to the house Esoro fell asleep, Ukeje received a mysterious call. The mysterious caller second call caused a struggle between the couple and ran into a ditch while struggling for Ukeje’s phone.

They eventually make it to the house and what they find there is shocking.

Secret Room starred Jide Kosoko, Linda Ejiofor, O.C. Ukeje and Lilian Esoro. The movie was directed by Eneaji Chris EnenG

Watch the action packed movie Secret Room for details.

Courtesy of irokotv: Watch the Secret Room movie trailer below:



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