Ciara reinvents Nigerian dance-steps in Lagos

Ciara dances away on the streets of Lagos. Instagram photo

Ciara brought dancing to the streets of Dolphin Estate in the highbrow area of Ikoyi, Lagos on Tuesday . . .

The 30-year-old shared a half-dozen Instagram videos showing off her latest moves as she learned the local dances.

‘I Couldn’t Leave Without Doing This!’ Ciara said as she danced up a storm on the streets of Nigeria’s commercial and financial capital, Lagos.


Ciara’s concise BIO:

Ciara is is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model. She was born Ciara Princess Harris on October 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas, United States.

Her hometown is actually Atlanta and/or Riverdale, Georgia, U.S. Her music genres are R&B, hip hop, crunk&B, pop and dance.

The singer had been in Nigeria to perform, but spent much of her time visiting schools and hanging out with students and locals (photos: below).

In the clip the scantily clad stunner appears to be wearing little other than her bra, panties and a very revealing robe.

Surrounded by five other similarly dressed beauties, the six break into a perfectly choreographed routine to the vibrant Nigerian beat and dance steps.

Before Ciara left Nigeria, the Grammy award singer ensured she heated the streets of Lagos. Before her departure Ciara danced to the Nigerian hit songs: “Kurukere” by Nyanya and “Duro” by Tekno. She performed on the Lagos streets doing the Nigerian-created Etighi and Shoki dance steps and moves as Kurukere and Duro single hits blasted from loudspeakers. 

Ciara and Kaffy reinvented Nigerian dance steps on Dolphin Estate streets in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Watch Ciara, Kaffy and their dancers reinvent Nigerian dance steps in the Dolphin Estate streets of Ikoyi, Lagos – in the video below:

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