Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau Banned

One of the leading onscreen female symbols of Nigerian motion picture and veteran Nigerian actress in the Nigerian movie industry based in Northern Nigeria with a base in Kano City has been banned by the operating leaders in the northern-based movie industry . . .

Actress Rahama Sadau was banned from the Hausa-language film industry a.k.a. Kannywood or Hausa-language cinema because of her “immoral” behaviour, the main industry body has said.

If Rahama Sadau caused any offence it was because she offended sensibilities in the Hausa-language Kannywood by “hugging and cuddling” Nigerian pop star Classiq in a music video shot somewhere in Nigeria.

Rahma Sadau

Photo above: This is a screengrab of the offending music video (pic) – with actress Rahama Sadau hugging pop star Classiq while climbed on his back.

The Kano-based movie industry, commonly known as Kannywood, has been under fire from conservative Muslim clerics who accuse it of corrupting people’s values. They regard it as taboo for men and women to hold hands or kiss in public, talk less of hugging in a movie or music video.

Ms. Sadau, who is said to be on a holiday in India, has not yet commented on the ban imposed by Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN).

Photos L-R: Banned actress Rahama Sadau in the KUCHAKA movie trailer & at the 2016 Indywood Excellent Awards.

The chairman of MOPPAN, Muhammadu Kabiru Maikaba, told the BBC Hausa service that the ban was “total. This is not the first time that she has been doing these wayward things. We have been warning her, but she still went ahead to dent our image,” he said.

The Kannywood star appeared in the music video with Classiq, in a song entitled ‘I Love You’. In the video, the Nigerian pop star is seen been hugged from behind by Ms. Sadau unabashedly.

In a statement, MOPPAN said it hoped Ms. Sadau’s expulsion would serve as a deterrent for other actors in the Kannywood ambit of the overall Nigerian movie industry especially the English-language movie industry known as Nollywood.

Its code of conduct requires actors to avoid doing anything which violates Islamic and Hausa culture, reported the BBC. Many people in northern Nigeria felt she had gone too far with Classiq in the music video, he added. Confirmed reports stated that pop star Classiq cannot be banned because he is not a member of MOPPAN.



Kannywood is also dubbed the Cinema of Northern Nigeria. It is the movie or film industry of Northern Nigeria. It is mainly based in the northern trading City of Kano.

The movie or film industry in the north is seeking to portray the concerns of the particular section and ethnicity it represents. Northern Nigerians when they do make English Language movies tend to use the more established form of British English – otherwise they make their movies mostly in the predominantly Hausa language spoken mostly in northern Nigeria – as a lingua franca.

Kannywood is the sobriquet for the Northern Nigerian Cinema, it comprises of Hausa, Hindi, Kanuri and Nupe Language cinemas. It is distinctly different from the larger Nigerian cinema, known as Nollywood, which is based in Southern Nigeria.

The name “Kannywood” is a portmanteau derived from Kano and Hollywood, the American movie industry. Kannywood has its origins in colonial Northern Nigeria and the first silent films produced by British expatriates during the first world war. In the 1990s Sunusi Shehu of Tauraruwa Magazine coined the term Kannywood and then it became the popular name for the industry.

Kannywood also evolved from the works of the Northern-based Radio Television Kaduna (RTV Kaduna) and Radio Kaduna in the 1960s. Veterans like Dalhatu Bawa and Kasimu Yero pioneered drama productions that became popular with the Northern audience. In the 70’s and 80’s, Usman Baba Pategi and Mamman Ladan introduced the Hausa Comedy to the Northern audience and it became successful among the general populace.

The 1990s saw a dramatic changeand evolution in the Northern Nigerian cinema. Eager to attract more Hausa-speaking audience who find the Indian movie industry with their Indian films a.k.a. Bollywood movies more attractive, Kannywood; a cinematic synthesis of Indian and Hausa culture evolved and became extremely popular. It will be recalled that Turmin Danya (“The Draw”), 1990, is usually cited as the first commercially successful Kannywood film of all time.


Kannywood is the sobriquet for the Hausa language cinema or the Cinema Of Northern Nigeria. It is a part of the larger Nigerian cinema, known as Nollywood. This is obviously a case of a clash of Islamic and Western cultures. The Islamic culture holds sway in most parts of Northern Nigeria.

Please, watch the ‘offensive music video’ with Classiq Ft Avala (Rahma Sadau) – ‘I Love You’ (Official Video) – below:

Madjack Entertainment . Masthead


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