Kannywood Actress, Rahama Sadau, gets Hollywood invite after Kannywood ban

One of the leading onscreen female symbols of Nigerian motion picture and veteran Nigerian actress in the Nigerian movie industry based in Northern Nigeria with a base in Kano City known as Kannywood – who was recently banned by the operating leaders in the northern-based movie industry . . .

 – Rahama Sadau, has been invited  by international superstar, Akon, and US-based Nigerian film-maker, Jeta Amata, to visit the set of their new film in Hollywood – Los Angeles.

The news of Rahama Sadau’s invitation was broken by the U.S.-based Akon via his Twitter handle when he tweeted, “Looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles. Let’s empower our women and motivate them to grow. Fanning them is cooler than banning them.”

Also corroborating Akon, Hollywood actor and comedian, Miguel Nunez, also tweeted saying, “We are going to have so much fun. One door closes another one opens. I can’t wait to see you. We are going to have a blast. You will become huge here.


An excited Rahama also confirmed accepting the invitation in a series of tweets. She wrote, “Wow, I’m so humbled. Los Angeles calling..so excited about @jeta_amata mata and@akon invitation to visit the set of their new film in Hollywood!!#Rahamasadau 💫💫💃💃💃 so excited.

Details of this new move for Ms. Sadau is not known but she is expected to play a major role in what has been laid out for her in Los Angeles, United States.

Since her ban about two weeks ago, the beautiful actress’ career appeared to be on a steady rise. She forayed into Nollywood by starring in a 13-week drama series titled Sons of the Caliphate, which currently airs on Ebonylife TV.

The controversial ban caused widespread outrage on social media with her teeming fans advising her to excel even more in more successful movie industries in the world (Hollywood, Nollywood), etc.

Although the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria warned other actors and actresses to henceforth follow the rules binding their participation in the Kannywood film industry, Rahama appears unperturbed.


Indeed, the beautiful and talented Kannywood Actress, Rahama Sadau, got a Hollywood invitation after a Kannywood ban. It appears that the age-old adage – ‘one door closes, another one opens’ – is applicable to beautiful Nigerian-born actress, Ms. Rahama Sadau.

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