Nollywood travel festival unveiled; Belonging to a clique, being a snitch, pet criteria to get roles in Kannywood – Maryam Booth . . .


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Lagos (Daily Times) — A new festival has been unveiled for the Nigerian film industry.  This is the Nollywood Travelling Festival by Mykel Parish and  Rogers Ofime.Speaking recently on the essence of the festival, Parish said the Nigerian movie sector was one that practitioners should be proud of and showcase everywhere in the world.

Parish said, “Nollywood is the bedrock of films in Africa. But more people need to know what we are doing. Many of our films are already exposed by pirates.  In Canada, some people said they watched Nollywood more than they did Hollywood. So, this festival will strengthen this position and help producers to sell more films across the globe.”

A seasoned film critic and judge, Shaibu Husseini, who is one of the festival’s resource persons, said there were few travel festivals in the world. But, according to him, there is none in Africa. He thus expressed delight that Nollywood was breaking the jinx. “It will properly internationalise Nollywood. It will change the perspectives that Nollywood is about quantity and not quality as it will expose very good works from Nigeria, unlike the cheap ones that many would have seen.

When we take our best films out, the perspective will definitely change. Of course, the festival will also give our film-makers more opportunity to travel,” Husseini added. Other stakeholders that joined Parish and his partner at O’Jez Club, Surulere, Lagos, venue of the unveiling, noted that it was good for all sectors of the country’s entertainment industry.

The maiden edition of the Nollywood Travel Festival will hold in Toronto, Canada, between May 5 and 7 next year.

Belonging to a clique, being a snitch, pet criteria to get roles in Kannywood – Maryam Booth


Social Media (Daily Trust) — A Kannwood actress has alleged that roles are cast based on cliques or who snitches in the industry. In a post she made across her social media account Maryam said some people will not cast you because you are not part of their clique. She added that you have to be a snitch or somebody’s pet or a marketer’s favourite actor before they buy your movies.

She however said she was appreciative to those who “keep it professional.” The post reads: “In kannywood “some” people will not cast u in their movies just because u ain’t part of their “clique” u have to be a “snitch”or somebody’s “pet” some marketers will not buy a movie unless “their” Favourite “actor” or “actress” is in it.

How is it going to be possible while ur “NOT” giving the “upcoming” actors/actress opportunity to also achieve their dream and make it to the “top”and I “reject”to be any of the above.for those who always keep it “professional” I see “u” and I know “u” and I’m grateful for believing in “me” and “supporting” me. I hold no “grudges” with anyone after all we are “family” ” SIC

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