P-square Once Said: ‘Nobody Ugly’

Nigeria’s most famous pair, twins and music duo (Peter & Paul Okoye), also, famously and officially known with their a.k.a. professional compound name: P-Square, completely raised the bar many notches higher with this instant hit — 5-6 months ago (April-May 2017) . . .

P-Square returned then with a brand new single, P-square ‘Nobody Ugly’, after the successful release of Away.

They released this hit single before they reportedly split up and had gone their separate ways after several disagreements. After the split, one-half of the pair, Peter Okoye, said his name was now ‘Mr. P’. However another report later said the twins have reconciled and are back together as P-square.

The twin brothers (Peter & Paul Okoye), including their senior brother, Jude Okoye, should stop fooling around with youthful and juvenile tomfoolery, and continue to blast music to their fans from around the world . . .

Psquare . Paul, bro Jude & Peter Okoye

Photo: P-SQUARE & BIG BRO — Pic L-R: Paul, Jude (big bro) & Peter Okoye.

Whatever or whichever, please click to watch P-square’s hit single: P-SQUARE – ‘NOBODY UGLY’ below:

Please click to download the song NOBODY UGLY & watch the official video, below:

P-Square – Nobody Ugly


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